In His Presence Cathedral of Praise, Inc.
Pastor L.E. Cohen, presents,
"Class Piano"
People who acquire the knowledge of music through instruments are 92 percent more successful in life.
master music INSTRUCTORS
Whitney Russell,
Instructor of Piano, Keyboard, and Trumpet
Master Music founded by Whitney Russell in 2002, it’s a music school for all
instruments. A native of Dallas Texas area, Instructor Whitney is a musician
with diverse musical tastes and talents who enjoys all genres of music
including Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Country, Funk, Gospel, and much more.
Whitney started playing piano and trumpet at an early age. He attended Arts
Magnet High School and Weatherford Junior College in Dallas Texas. He has
studied and become an accomplished musician in various instruments
including piano and trumpet. He holds a bachelors degree in Music
Education and Performance from the
Florida A&M University in Tallahassee Florida.

Whitney has always loved the sounds of the big horn sections found in
earlier R&B, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and Jazz Bands. He now takes that love and
shares it with everyone interested n having personalized horn tracks mailed
or email right to their inbox. Whitney has been playing and teaching the
Trumpet and Piano for over 20 years. He founded Master Music in 2002.

Whitney has earned a reputation for electrifying audiences with his energetic
style combined with precise technical delivery. As one of the busiest trumpet
in the Tallahassee Florida area, he has performed or recorded with an
impressive array of artists and musicians around the world including:           
T-Pain, Akon, Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsallis, Kirk Whalun, George
Clinton, Kirk Franklin,and Stanley Turrentine as well as others.

In addition to his live performance work, Whitney is an accomplished studio
musician on hundreds of recordings. He has performed at ShowTime at the
Apollo, Blue Note in New York as well as other clubs across the country. He
has also traveled and played in Spain, Rome, Bahamas, and many other
places. Whitney has also led many successful groups in Dallas, Texas and
Tallahassee, Florida.

Whitney is a serious musician who is constantly trying to expand his musical
horizons in an attempt to communicate his thoughts and emotions to others
through music. In addition to performing, he enjoys writing his own music
and arranging and orchestrating others work..
Instructor, Whitney Russell