Master Music founded by Whitney Russell in 2002, it’s a music school for
all instruments. A native of Dallas Texas area, Instructor Whitney is a
musician with diverse musical tastes and talents who enjoys all genres of
music including Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Country, Funk, Gospel, and much
more. Whitney started playing piano and trumpet at an early age. He
attended Arts Magnet High School and Weatherford Junior College in
Dallas Texas. He has studied and become an accomplished musician in
various instruments including piano and trumpet. He holds a bachelors
degree in Music Education and Performance from the Florida A&M
University in Tallahassee Florida.
Instructor Larry Smith, was born and raised in Miami Florida. He began
playing instruments, such as the saxophone at a young age. Larry pursed
his dream as a saxophone player by attended playing instruments, such as
the saxophone at a young age. Florida A&M University where is graduated
with a degree in Music Education and Perormance has traveled all over the
country. He's now plays the alto sax for a worldwide Drumline band where
is currectly traveling . As a sax player, Larry has had the opportunity to
play with Herbic Hancoch, Uynton Massiles, T-Pain, and more. He often lean
his support to his local church band playing the tenor and alto sax.!/LajMusicLLC
Instructor Saunders Sermons is an American Soul, Jazz Singer,
Song Writer, and Trombonist. Born and raised in Miami Florida,
trombone at eleven. Since then, he has  grown to become an
established independent artist with an admirable music career.
As a trombonist, Sermon's Fantasia single "Two Week Notice".
He has P-Diddy, on a Europe tour.  He admits that his first love
was R&B, but fell in love with Jazz Music. He graduated from
New School University in NYC, New York with a bachelor's in
Jazz studies.
People who acquire the knowledge of music through instruments are 92 percent more successful in life.
Instructor of Piano, Keyboard, and Trumpet
Instructor of Tenor Saxophone and Flute
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Instructor of Vocals and Trombone