Online Lessons via Webcam

Want to learn your Instrument in the comfort of your home with top notch instructors with over
20 years of teaching experience and advanced degree in Music Education and Performance.
Master Music Online Lessons
  1. Upon request, Master Music Personnel Instructors are equipped for Online Lessons.
  2. Each instructor has his/ or her own price which varies from $15 to $35 an hour.
  3. Submit your request and Master Music will take care of your needs.
  4. An instructor will review your request and get back in contact to coordinate the time
    agreed upon.
  5. All payments are paid through Pal Paid.
  6. Once payment has been made, your time is secured.
  7. Parents and students are responsible for their time
  8. Parents and strudent can "Cancel" or change their schedule within a 24 hour window
    for reschedule. This will be coordinated between instructor and student.
  9. All that is needed is "One Hour" of your time.
  10. Lessons and Materials with the instructors are "TBA"
What you'll need for your online lessons~   
A Computer with:
  • High- Speed Internet Access
  • A Video Camera ("Webcam")
  • A Microphone (Speaking or Headphones)
  • An Email Account
Live, Private Webcam, Instrument      
Lessons...........from anywhere in the world.
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