D's Horns adds horNS and solos PARTS to all
genres of music tracks such as:
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d's horns
Hip Hop          R&B
Neo Soul     Jazz
Country           Gospel
Adding horns to your current music tracks is
affordable and accessible in two parts.
1. We then send your music with added horns/solos for your
approval. We will then send your music using our preferred
software "Pro Tools or Reason" (via Email or Mail). We will
record your horns and solos tracks in our professional
studio or travel to your studio facility and lay down the horn
parts to your music once agreed upon by both parties.
you have written. We can work with you on
how to add your horn and solos parts
(See upload songs)
2. D's Horns then records the horns parts/solos in your preferred format/
bit depth them email you an mp3 bounce of your song with the horns parts.
The turnaround is usually pretty fast, but depends on the current workload.
This stage can take up to 5 days. We work to a standard, not to a time limit!

3. You listen to the new MP3 with the added horns. If you are pleased with
it, you approve the tracks and send your payment.

4. Once D's Horns receives your approval we will send a Pay Pal invoice,
which is payable from a Pay Pal account or with a VISA or Mastercard.
Alternatively, you may choose to send a check through the post, but the
funds will take longer to clear.

5. Once you are done downloading your horn parts you import the horn
tracks into your song and then mix in as you like.

6. Once payment is received D's Horns will send you a link to download
your horn parts in a high quality format-Yo
u import  the D's Horns
files into your song and you are done!

file will open up into one folder with all your
parts on separate tracks.

Example: If you have a 3 piece horn section
and a trumpet solo, your folder will have 4
separate tracks. All of your tracks will have
no effects unless you request them otherwise.

Contact us for RATES. Since we hold ourselves in the
highest music quality; we do not accept all proposals.
We receive your songs with *special instructions*