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d's horns
Enhance your music tracks TO  the next level with D'S HORNS! These are
professional horn sections for hire, known worldwide, with a personnel including;
Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Vocals, Etc..., which offers a vast variety of  horns to fit
your music needs.  
Here at D's Horns we provide many services such as adding
live trumpet solos, sax solos, etc, to your songs or arranging and recording a horn
section to enhance your music. We can use your written parts or allow us to create
a horn chart for your songs.

At D's Horns we add fantastic sounding horns to your songs without the aggravation
of contracting session musicians and booking expensive studio time. No matter
where you live you can't beat the quality and cost effectiveness of having your horn
section parts and solos emailed directly to you. Everything is played and written
exclusively just for your song in our professional studio.
Sample libraries or loops
cannot come close, so give your song that added edge and add that live acoustic
horn or section.
The accessible PROCESS and affordability of putting horns on your
tracks (via Mail or Email) has made D's Horns a helpful addition to
musicians, singers, and producers across the world.
Whitney Russell is the founder of D's Horns. His BIO consist of
successful accomplishments alone with his talented
D's Horns has recorded and performed many styles of MUSIC using
helps with our many
Our technology makes it easy to UPLOAD SONGS
(yours) and receive them in the highest quality.
You can also take advantage of our widely used
program which gives you the opportunity to
make money by simply referring  D's Horns
Our best RATES are guaranteed.
If you have any FAQ'S feel free to CONTACT us