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Question: Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
Answer: Yes, you can pay securely through Pay pal.

Question: Will I need to open a Pay pal account?
Answer: No, Pay pal will only need your email address.

Question: I needed this done yesterday. What is the quickest way to get thru the
whole process?
Answer: If D's Horns knows that you need this in a hurry follow the steps in the
How It Works section and use Pay Pal for payment. We will get it back to you as
fast as we can.

Question: Will there be any effects on the recorded horns?
Answer: No the files will have no reverb or delay at all unless you request it. You
can add your own reverb or other effects on your final mix.

Question: Can D's Horns lay horn parts on top of our already mixed mix.
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can / Will you read our horn arrangement?
Answer: Yes.

Question: I don't have a horn arrangement written out how do I get one?
Answer: D's Horns will write the arrangement for you at no cost.

Question: Are D's Horns horn arrangements available for purchase for our live
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can analog tape mixes be used?
Answer: There are numerous problems associated with analog recordings. The
only way D's Horns can sync with analog tracks (mixes) is if they are bounced
over to the digital domain. Once the tracks are in any "Digital Audio Workstation"
D's Horns tracks will line up perfectly.

Question: Can I get a refund after I have received the D's Horns tracks?
Answer: No! You will listen to and approve an MP3 version of the parts. You
decide if you want to pay for the recorded tracks. Please make sure you are happy
with the MP3 before you pay for the service and receive the actual recorded tracks.

Question: Will I have problems lining up the D's Horns tracks with my project?
Answer: No. D's Horns always saves the files with exactly the same start point as
the mp3 that you have sent us to work with. If we have recorded parts of short
duration to be used only once, or as a loop, then we will provide the exact start
time of the sample within the filename in minutes: seconds: milliseconds relative
to the start of the mp3.

Question: After I have paid how do I receive the tracks?
Answer: You can download the tracks from a web address or email I send you. I
can also burn the files onto a cd and send it to you through snail mail.

Question: What format will you send the tracks in?
Answer: D's Horns can save each individual track as a mono WAV or AIFF file
at a sampling rate of 44.1/ 48/ 88.2/ or 96kHz and with a bit depth of 16 or 24 bit.
You can specify how you would like the files. We can also mix the horn section
and send you a bounced down stereo file of all the horns. It is up to you.

Question: What happens if I don't like what D's Horns have done when I
audition the mp3 you send me?
Answer: Clients are under no obligation to purchase the work if they don't
approve it. If you can describe what the concerns are D's Horns can put it right
and send you another mp3 to audition. D's Horns takes pride in a job well done,
and aim to please all of our clients.